Reseller Hosting

We have a great selection of plans for your reseller hosting needs. From starter plans to big business, we have you all covered. All reseller hosting plans come packed with security features, optimization features, and secured virtualized space pre-loaded hosting environment to isolate your clients. Essentially making it like a virtual private server with your own CPU, RAM, & more for each client. We always try to stay one step ahead of the competition and give our users an edge on theirs!


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Our Features

All Reseller Hosting Plans Include

Professional Email

Create professional email accounts for your hosted website. We utilize MailChannels for superior service.

cPanel / WHM Ready

Manage emails, configure domains, add scripts, and more. cPanel is the #1 used control panel.

Security and SSL

Your websites stay safe with real-time server monitoring and SSL certificates. Watching 24/7.

Cloudflare CDN

No matter where your visitors come from your website will load quickly using our free CDN with Cloudflare.

Daily Backups

Your data is safe and secure with our daily offsite backups. Backups stored for up to 30 days.

Premium Softaculous

Almost 400 great scripts and 1,115 PHP Classes, all at your fingertips with one-click-install.

LiteSpeed Technology

LiteSpeed caching capabilities right out of the box to help maximize caching and more.

Website Builder

We offer a free drag-and-drop builder for all of your website hosting clients per each cPanel account.

Free WP Management

Per request, we’ll lightly manage and take a closer look at your clients WordPress installations biweekly.

Why Choose Goparel Hosting?

The team behind Goparel has over 15 years of experience in serving the hosting needs of people, hobbyists, bloggers, small businesses & big businesses to reach their goals! 

Built for Resellers

NVMe Storage, Free CDN, Server Level Caching for All Your Clients!

Private Nameservers

We allow for 100% whitelabel reseller packages. You can use your own custom nameservers or use ours. An example of this is NS1, NS2 (dot) your domain (dot) tld.

Create Custom Packages

We allow overselling so you can adjust your plans accordingly. Keep an eye on your space usage and stop worrying about creating exact quotas on accounts.

Automation with Account Creation

With the power of cPanel with WHM (web host manager) combined with WHMCS (web hosting manager complete solution) your account automation will be a breeze.

Personal Approach

Dedicated and Real People

Goparel Host thinks outside the box and approaches things differently. We’re the first line of support, always. You’ll never deal with more than 2 people when submitting a ticket but please take note this doesn’t qualify for live chat, but just for ticket submission. 

You’ll get to know us quickly if you so choose to utilize our ticket system. We then assess the ticket and fix it ourselves or have our team get to work on the issue or problem at hand. We have multiple teams and partners that can fix any problem and love to do so.

Highly Active Advanced Ticket System

Highly Active Advanced Knowledge Base

Highly Active Husband And Wife First Line Of Support

Dedicated Teams Across The Globe Ready To Assist When Asked


Claim Your Domain

.com $29.99/yr

.net $29.99/yr

.org $29.99/yr

.club $29.99/yr

.vip $29.99/yr

.blog $29.99/yr

.boo $29.99/yr

.city $29.99/yr

.art $29.99/yr

.pro $29.99/yr

.best $29.99/yr

.de $29.99/yr

.store $29.99/yr

.info $29.99/yr

.xyz $29.99/yr

.co $29.99/yr

.dev $29.99/yr

.website $29.99/yr

.live $29.99/yr

.app $29.99/yr

.biz $29.99/yr

.us $29.99/yr

.space $29.99/yr

.me $29.99/yr

.gift $39.99/yr

.gives $39.99/yr

.group $39.99/yr

.guide $39.99/yr

.guru $39.99/yr

.hair $39.99/yr

.help $39.99/yr

.hiphop $39.99/yr

.host $59.99/yr

.shop $59.99/yr

.design $59.99/yr

.beer $59.99/yr

.builders $59.99/yr

.sh $59.99/yr

.la $59.99/yr

.tv $59.99/yr

.life $59.99/yr

.world $59.99/yr

.tech $59.99/yr

.io $59.99/yr

Questions Welcomed

Knowledge Base!

We offer many products and services throughout our whole Goparel network. We utilize the #1 control panel and the #1 billing panel for the website hosting industry. cPanel & WHMCS together provide us with the tools for you to succeed in easily finding answers to all your questions. If you still need help we’re here.

Can't Find Your Question?

If you still cannot find your answer in our knowledge base or also known as frequently asked questions then please submit a ticket and we can get back to you. Be as thorough as possible so we can assist you in the quickest and most efficient way. We do have live chat but encourage submitting a ticket for the best results. We may need some time.

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We offer a lot more than hosting services. Goparel is a network of many services, products, entertainment, and much more. See the other things we have to offer. Thanks for stopping by!